Blackpool Coronavirus Covid-19
What we're doing to make sure the only thing you leave with, is a hangover!


We've made quite a few changes at the Comedy Station Comedy Club, to make sure that you're as safe as you can be.

Have a read below, so you know what to expect when you arrive and while you're with us...

Yes, Freedom Day has arrived, but that doesn’t mean we suddenly stopped caring about our customers!

All of our staff will keep wearing masks, which is a bonus for you, as most of them are pretty minging, so win-win! We do ask customers that are able to wear masks do so, when walking around the venue, or in enclosed spaces, such as the toilets, or queuing in the Box Office. You don’t have to wear masks when with your mates, drinking, or when watching the show.

Although we are allowed to open to full capacity, we are aware that some may not quite be ready to return to pre-covid spacing, so we’re reducing availability slightly, to make sure there’s still a bit of breathing space for everyone.

Our ventilation system will be on at all times, which is bloody powerful and actually replaces the air in the theatre and bar, around every 10 minutes, so fart away to your heart’s content and before you know it, it’ll be outside, knocking out a passing hen party from Newcastle.

We will keep our hand sanitiser stations available on the box office, at the bar and outside the toilets, for those who want to use them and the NHS Track & Trace QR Code is in the Box Office to scan when you get here.


And that’s about that, until Boris gets bored again!