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Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are!

We have now installed an accessible toilet and all of our staff are trained to use the wheelchair stairlift, to get you in and out of the venue.

For safety reasons, we are limited to two wheelchair users per show, so that we can ensure we can evacuate customers as quickly as possible, if an emergency pops up.

If you are a wheelchair user, please purchase one of the Wheelchair User tickets, to ensure we have space for you on the night.


As with all mechanical devices, our wheelchair stairlift has a maximum safe working load. The combined weight of wheelchair and user must not exceed 200kg. – Any weight above 200kg will trigger the stairlift’s automatic mechanical safety brake, which cannot be disengaged until its passenger has been removed.

The stairlift is not designed to convey mobility scooters. We cannot admit, nor store mobility scooters in the bar, theatre or Box Office. We do have a manual wheelchair you may use if you are a mobility scooter user, but please contact us, in advance, if this is required. 

If you do require wheelchair access, or have any other accessibility queries, you can contact us here

Where are my tickets?

Tickets can take up to a couple of hours to get to you, depending on your email provider.

If you’ve still not received them, after this time, please have a look through your junk and spam folders, as more often than not, they’ve been filtered out by your email provider.

Please note that email providers don’t always synchronise all emails with mobile devices. When searching for your tickets, you should do so from a computer’s web browser.

Still missing?

Get in touch and we’ll do our best Columbo impression and get to the bottom of things

What time does the show start?

Unless otherwise stated, the Comedy Station Comedy Club opens its doors at 19:00 every night and all shows begin at 20:00

What happens on the night?

Our Friday Night Laughs & Ryan Gleeson’s Saturday Live! shows, follow the same format:
Please note that the bar will close at least five minutes before the start of the show and before each section starts. It will not re-open until after the compere has left the stage.

During each section, there will be no access to the bar area, to enable our team to clean and re-stock, ready for the interval.

  • 19:00 – Doors open
  • 19:50 – Theatre opens and you will be shown to your seat by the Front of House Manager
  • 20:00 – Show starts: Each section starts with our compere, followed by an act and the compere will return to the stage after the comedian has finished their set. Following this, there will be a short interval and the bar will re-open. There are three sections and two intervals.
  • 22:30 (Approx) – Show ends. After the show, the bar will open

The comedians have to walk to & from the stage through the theatre seating, so please remain in your seats until the compere has left the stage.

If you arrive during one of the show’s three sections, the bar will be closed so you won’t be able to get a drink until the next interval. If possible, we will show you to your seats, however, you may be asked to wait in the Box Office until the interval, in order to prevent disruption to the show.

We do know that sometimes problems occur that can cause a delay for you, so if you are running late, you can give us a call on 01253 381381 to let us know and we will try and make sure we save you seats hidden from the acts, so you won’t get a roasting when you arrive!

Booking for a stag, hen, birthday, office party etc.

  • Are there any restrictions on group sizes

No! As long as there’s enough tickets left, your group can be as large or as small as you like!

  • Can we send you some info about the stag/hen/person celebrating their birthday, so your comedians can roast them?

Our compere never plans anything in advance, so even if you do send us information, he’ll not see it.
He does chat to the audience throughout the show, so they will most likely end up being roasted anyway.
Please keep in mind that although making your stag/hen/birthday person the centre of attention would be great for your group, there are other groups celebrating other things and if we roasted everyone from every group, we’d not have time for any of the other acts to perform! Also, there will be lots of people in the audience who aren’t part of your group and haven’t paid to listen to a roast of a guy they’ve never met!
Although the compere will be involving the audience as much as possible, the comedians he introduces will be performing sets of their material, so it’s unlikely that they will be interacting as much with the audience in this way.

  • Are there any rules we need to be aware of?

Only the standard rules you’ll find anywhere else!
Unlike some other venues, we don’t ask for a deposit (often referred to as a behaviour bond), as we think that’s a little patronising.
If a member of your group is asked to leave the venue, due to being disruptive, or problematic, you will all have to leave, as we operate a “one out, all out” policy. So if you’ve got that one tit who likes to cause a few issues, it’ll be wise for you all to keep them on their best behaviour!
Our venue is underground, and unless in a wheelchair, only accessible via stairs; therefore for safety reasons, if we feel someone has become so drunk that they wouldn’t be able to safely evacuate in an emergency, they will be asked to leave, but the rest of you would be fine to stay.

  • Can we reserve specific seats?

The bar seating is first come-first served, but if you would like us to reserve space in the bar before the show starts, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do.
We don’t reserve theatre seats in advance, as our priority is ensuring everyone in the audience is able to sit with those that they arrived with.
If you have a specific request as to where you’d like to sit (near the front, near the toilets, as far away from the stage as possible, etc.), please ask to speak to the Front of House Manager when you arrive.
Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate your request, we will definitely try our hardest!

  • Can we decorate the table?

Due to limited space in the bar, we’re usually unable to accommodate decorations, balloons, banners, etc., but again, please email us at and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

I’m part of a large group, will we all be sat together?

We allocate seating just before the show starts. The reason that we do this, is to enable us to ensure that everyone who has booked tickets together, sit together throughout the evening.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that you will be sat together, unless you’ve either booked all tickets in one transaction, or let us know in advance, as explained below.

If you are buying your own tickets, in order to join a group that has already booked, please let us know the name of the person who booked for the group, by leaving a note in the “Order Notes” section at checkout on our website.

If your group are all booking tickets individually, please could you all decide which of you would be the lead booker, so that all the others who buy tickets can give your name in the “Order Notes” section at checkout on our website.

Is there a dress code?

Nope! You wear whatever makes you most comfortable. If you’ve decided to wear fancy dress, we may ask that you store accessories behind the bar during the show, but you’ll get these back.

I’ve never been before, are there any rules I should know?

Its pretty simple, the main rule is “Don’t be an arseface”, but here’s some basic tips for you:

  • Don’t sit chatting during the show. You may think you’re being quiet, but you really, really aren’t and you’re massively annoying the crap out of everyone around you.
    We film the shows for social media, broadcasts & streaming, with cameras around the room and a number of microphones on the audience, which will pick you up so you’ll also be annoying those watching from home too!
  • Your heckles aren’t “helping” like you think. Sure, join in when the acts are chatting to you, or asking questions, but shouting out, no matter how hilarious you think you are, really gets in the way.
    We guarantee that nobody else in the audience bought their tickets in the hope that a pissed idiot interrupts the acts every five minutes, derailing their punchlines.
    If a comedian pauses, there’s usually a reason and it’s very, very rarely because they’re wanting you to shout out pissed nonsense! Also, it doesn’t matter how big your group is, heckling with “jokes” that only your mates get becomes very, very tedious, very, very quickly.
  • Vaping is prohibited in the bar, toilets and theatre. Due to the increased risk of being located underground, our venue is fitted with extremely sensitive smoke detectors and vaping can and has triggered these in the past.
    As our venue is part of the Houndshill complex, our fire alarm system is interconnected. This means that in the event of our alarm being triggered, not only must we evacuate, but we won’t be allowed to re-enter the building until Houndshill’s security have checked the entire shopping centre, car park and service areas.
    This takes quite a long time and as we’re sure you’ve figured out, it’ll pretty much mean that the show will be over.
  • Do not record the show. Anyone filming any part of the show will be asked to leave.
    It’s happening, right there in front of you! Watch it with your face, like a normal person.
    If you do really want to give it another watch, follow us on all of our socials at @BlackpoolComedy
  • Save that bag for later. We’re not going to judge you for how you spend your hard earned money, or what you do to have a good time, but hoovering up a line of beak from your phone in the toilets isn’t the best way to help you listen to someone else talking for half an hour at a time!
    Conditions of our Premises License, dictate that we operate a zero tolerance drugs policy and anyone we witness or suspect to be in possession of controlled substances will be asked to leave the premises. Any drugs found will be confiscated and disposed of, or handed to the police and you won’t be able to get in anywhere else in town that night!

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

You don’t have to, but it’s always advisable to purchase in advance, so you can take advantage of offers not available on the door. Also, we do often sell out, so buying tickets ahead of time is highly recommended.

What’s the minimum age for entry?

For our evening shows, the minimum age for entry, is 16, however, those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Is there seating?

Yes. Our theatre is fully seated

I have a gift voucher, how can I redeem this?

  • In order to redeem your voucher, please add the tickets you’d like to purchase to your basket, as normal and progress to the next page.
  • Enter your gift voucher number in the “Gift Card Number” box, which is located below your order’s total.
  • Hit “Apply” and you’ll see that your total has been reduced*
  • Hit “Proceed to checkout” and carry on as normal with your order.

*If your gift voucher value exceeds your order total, there will be nothing for you to pay and the total will be deducted from your gift voucher.

If the total amount of your order exceeds the available funds on your gift voucher, you will need to pay the difference.

Your gift voucher won’t expire, until you’ve used up all of the available funds, so there’s no rush for you  to spend it!

Do you serve food?

We serve pick ‘n’ mix sweets, fresh popcorn, crisps, nuts, etc. but that’s it, as all of our concentration is on making the show work! There are loads of excellent restaurants well within walking distance of the Comedy Station Comedy Club, like:

  • West Coast Rock Cafe for burgers, steaks, hot dogs and the best U.S. inspired food this side of the Atlantic.
  • Compass Cafe, for more traditional food, plus they also have an amazing vegan menu.
  • Dirty Blondes for pizzas, wings & street food, and they’ve got retro games consoles at the tables while you wait!
  • If Chinese takes your fancy, there’s Ocean Palace, offering traditional Chinese food, along with the best customer service in town.
  • Michael Wan’s Wok In, a Budapest ruin bar, meets Penang howler market, in a seaside noodle bar. No idea what that is? That’s probably because they’re the first place to actually mash these things up, but well worth a visit (If you’re feeling brave, try the salt & chilli duck’s tongues)

Where are we?

What3Words: ///barn.ledge.sank

Public Transport Links

Nearest tram stop; “The Tower”, find tram timetables at Blackpool Transport

Nearest train station; “Blackpool North”, find rail times at National Rail

Taxi companies:

Premier Cabs (Central Blackpool & South Shore) 01253 401000

Blacktax (Bispham, North Shore & Central Blackpool) 01253 596596

Nearest Tube station: Tower on The Really, Really Northern Line

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