Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer Notice Conditions of Sale 

  • Each audience member must have a valid ticket.
  • The Comedy Station Comedy Club is a licensed premises, therefor, we can only admit those over the age of 18, or those over 16, when accompanied by a responsible adult. Customers may be required to show proof of age photo I.D. Accepted forms of proof of age are: Valid Passport, Photocard Drivers License, Armed Forces Identification Card (displaying date of birth), Other Government issued photo I.D. card, which displays date of birth.
  • Anyone purchasing alcohol for a person under the age of 18, or whom we suspect to be under the age of 18 will be immediately removed from the premises, without a refund.
  • The Comedy Station Ltd. reserves the right to refuse admission or attendance to any person.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the venue and electronic cigarettes, or vapes are not to be used within the theatre space.
  • Cameras and recording equipment, etc. are not allowed in the venue. Anyone recording any part of any show, without prior consent will be removed from the premises, without a refund.
  • Searches of bags and/or persons may be carried out upon entry.
  • No food or beverages, purchased off the premises may be consumed on the premises. Anyone found to be consuming food, or beverages not purchased from our bar will be removed and no refund will be given.
  • No alcohol may be brought onto the premises. Anyone bringing their own alcohol onto the premises must leave it at the Box Office, to be collected upon exit.
  • Anyone found, or suspected to be under the influence of, or consuming illicit drugs will be removed from the premises and may be reported to the police. Any illicit drugs found will be confiscated and handed over to the police.
  • Babes in arms cannot be admitted to the venue during any evening show.
  • Mobile phones and smart watches should be silenced before entering the theatre space.
  • Electronic cigarettes, or vaping devices are not to be used when in the theatre space. They may be used in the bar, before the show, during intervals and after the show. Please respect others’ requests to refrain from vaping near them, if asked.
  • The Comedy Station Ltd. reserves the right to make any alterations to advertised listings, without prior notice.
  • Unless a performance is cancelled, or rescheduled, all tickets for The Comedy Station Comedy Club are non refundable. Tickets cannot be exchanged between individuals, or money refunded. We may be able to transfer the tickets to another show, should you be unable to attend and if we have sufficient notice. To make a change to your booking, please contact us a minimum of 48 hours prior to the performance.
  • Since 2002, we have worked hard at the Comedy Station Comedy Club to build a strong reputation as an honest, fair, inclusive and trustworthy company. The Comedy Station Ltd. is protective of the brand and its reputation, which is why we are extremely selective in deciding the third party agents and companies with which we are officially associated and which are allowed to sell tickets to our shows.
  • Third party vendors who wish to sell tickets to the Comedy Station Comedy Club, as standalone events, part of a package (e.g. stag/hen/birthday weekends), corporate hospitality, employee reward schemes, etc. must email our Box Office and request to join our Trusted Partners List. Once approved, a Third Party Re-Sale Agreement will be sent for an authorised representative of the third party company to sign and return to the Comedy Station Ltd.. There is no fee for this.
  • Tickets must not be re-sold by any individual, company, or outlet other than The Comedy Station Ltd. or one of its authorised agents. Any tickets sold by any individual, company, or outlet that has not been authorised by The Comedy Station Ltd., will be void and will not be valid for entry to any show.
  • It may be possible for tickets sold via a non-authorised third party to be validated, if that third party then seeks and gains approval from The Comedy Station Ltd. to join our Trusted Partners List and  returns to The Comedy Station Ltd. a signed Third Party Re-Sale Agreement.
  • A Non-Approved Third Party Administration Fee of £30, plus V.A.T. is payable for the validation of tickets sold by a non-authorised third party.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, as written in their Third Party Re-Sale Agreement, amendments to orders placed on behalf of customers by a third party, are subject to a standard £1 charge, per amendment, per ticket, plus V.A.T.. Please refer to the terms of your Third Party Re-Sale Agreement for any exceptions to this fee.
  • Failure to settle an outstanding invoice within 60 days will incur a debt recovery charge of £40, plus Statutory Interest of 8% plus the current Bank of England base rate. If an invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, it may be passed on to a collection agency, which could incur further costs.
  • In the event that a show is sold out and you can no longer attend, we can offer your tickets for purchase by those on our cancellation waiting list. If your tickets then sell, we will transfer the relevant funds back onto your payment card. Tickets for sale will be sold in order that they were added to the cancellation waiting list stock. Please note that any booking/processing fees etc. will not be included in the funds transferred back to you. Tickets may be sold at a higher, or lower price than originally paid.
  • To prevent fraudulent activity, the Comedy Station Ltd. will make every endeavour to remove advertisements for sales of tickets by any individual, company or other vendor, unless that advert has been explicitly approved by the Comedy Station Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to: Social media posts, mobile messaging, social media private message services, search engine results, etc.
  • Any tickets which are advertised for sale, without prior approval from The Comedy Station Ltd. will be immediately rendered void and will not be valid for entry to any show.
  • A booking fee may be charged for buying tickets online, by phone or via an authorised third party vendor, however, tickets purchased from the Box Office at The Comedy Station Comedy Club do not incur a booking fee.
  • Although every effort will be made to ensure functionality and reliability of the website (blackpoolcomedyclub.com), occasionally, faults and/or anomalies can occur. If an order unexpectedly appears to have been unsuccessful, customers must not place a second, identical order but must contact The Comedy Station Ltd., via email to info@blackpoolcomedyclub.com to establish whether or not their order was successful. The Comedy Station Ltd. will not refund customers who place duplicate orders under these circumstances, without first receiving a reply.
  • Customers who have purchased tickets, but for any reason, cannot present those tickets on arrival must present valid official photographic identification, such as a Driving Licence, Passport, Armed Forces I.D. Card, Civil Service I.D. Card, Emergency Services I.D. Cad etc. or the payment card used for this purchase at the Box Office. If concession tickets have been booked, valid proof of concession for each ticket must be shown at the Box Office. If proof cannot be shown you will be charged the full standard ticket and booking fee cost.
  • Tickets purchased via the blackpoolcomedyclub.com website will be sent via email to the email address entered when booking. Once sent, The Comedy Station Ltd. cannot guarantee delivery of emails. If it appears as though tickets have not been received, customers are advised to check all folders, filters and/or categories of their email account. If the tickets still cannot be found, customers should contact us by email to info@blackpoolcomedyclub.com. No refunds will be given for failure to adhere to this process.
  • Blue Light Card/Armed Forces Discount card purchases – Only one discounted ticket may be purchased per person named on the card. Applies to holders of valid Blue Light Card, or valid Defence Discount Service Card only. Valid card must be presented upon entry and failure to do so will result in you being charged the full price for a Standard ticket (minus the cost of the discounted ticket which has already been paid).Discounted tickets are only valid for the person named on the Blue Light Card, or the Defence Discount Service Card. Tickets are not transferrable. There will be no entitlement by the customer to obtain a refund for tickets purchased otherwise in accordance with this rule.
  • Wheelchair users, requiring the use of our wheelchair stair climber: The the safe working load (SWL) of our wheelchair stair climber, is 200kg. Those purchasing a Wheelchair User ticket at our Box Office, or by phone will be asked to confirm that the combined weight of the wheelchair and its user does not exceed 200kg. Those ordering Wheelchair User tickets via the Comedy Station website must confirm this by typing the word “Yes” into a box at checkout to complete their order. If, on arrival, it is established that the combined weight exceeds 200kg, the wheelchair user will not be admitted and will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Discount for purchasing 8, or more tickets applies to Standard Entry tickets, and Wheelchair User tickets only, for Friday evening and Saturday evening shows only, unless otherwise stated. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Previously discounted tickets (E.g. Blue Light Card, etc.), are not valid toward total number of tickets purchased, in regard to this discount. Discount only applies to tickets purchased in one single transaction. Any further tickets purchased will not qualify for this discount, unless the subsequent transaction is for at least 8 tickets.
  • Free Entry on your birthday, for subscribers to our mailing list – Offer only applies to existing subscribers to our mailing list, who have subscribed for a minimum of three weeks. You must also have provided us with your date of birth, when you subscribed. You will receive an email from us one week before your birthday, which explains how to claim your free ticket. The code that you will receive for your free ticket will expire one month after your birthday and can only be redeemed against a ticket for a Friday Night Laughs, or Ryan Gleeson’s Saturday Live! show, no more than three months after your birthday. Official photographic proof of your date of birth must be shown to the box office staff when booking your ticket. (Passport, Driving License, etc.). You can photograph the proof and email it to us and we will then send you a code for your free ticket. You must also bring your photo ID with you on the night. Not valid with any other offer. Advance bookings only. No refunds will be given on purchases of tickets, where the customer has not provided proof of date of birth upon entry. Failure to provide proof of date of birthday, as listed above, will require the customer to pay the full price for tickets. Free entry birthday tickets are not transferable to another person and are only valid for the named subscriber. Proof of date of birth must match the subscriber’s name, unless there are other supporting documents to link the different names (Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate, etc.).
  • Gift vouchers purchased directly from The Comedy Station Ltd. may be redeemed against tickets for all shows, which are available for booking on the Comedy Station Comedy Club website. Vouchers will not expire, and funds will remain available for redemption until fully redeemed. Vouchers can be redeemed against the purchase of tickets only. Vouchers may be redeemed by entering the gift card number into the “gift card” box at checkout on the Comedy Station Comedy Club’s website. Alternatively vouchers may be redeemed against the purchase of tickets from our Box Office, either in person, or over the phone. In the instance of a voucher holder being disruptive, or otherwise being asked to leave, or refused entry to a show, The Comedy Station Ltd. reserves the right to cancel gift vouchers, without refund. Any refunds for tickets purchased using a gift voucher, will be credited back onto the original gift voucher.
  • Third Party Vouchers (A voucher purchased from any source, other than The Comedy Station Ltd.), Each applicable show has a very limited availability for tickets obtained by using a third party voucher and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Third party vouchers, purchased from websites such as Red Letter Days, or Buy A Gift must be redeemed for tickets, by sending the following information: Full voucher code (exactly as written), your postal address, including post code, your email address, date of show you’d like to attend and your mobile phone number. We will then validate your voucher with the vendor from which the voucher was purchased and if there is availability for the show you requested, we will email you your tickets. If there is no availability, you may request another date that matches the terms of the voucher.
  • Third party vouchers do not guarantee entry to any show, at any time, cannot be redeemed at the Box Office and must be redeemed at least five days before the show which you’d like to attend.
  • Tickets purchased by using a Third Party Voucher are non-refundable and may not be transferred to any other show.
  • Seats are unreserved unless otherwise specified, so it is recommended that you arrive early to increase the possibility of being able to sit together.
  • There is no dress code for The Comedy Station Comedy Club – Although if your attire stops other people enjoying the show (i.e. flashing lights, big hat etc) we will ask you to remove the items.
  • Our Customers’ enjoyment of the show is most important to us. We expect members of the audience to respect the performers, other members of the audience, the staff and the venue. This means that we will do our upmost to ensure our customers can enjoy the show without interruption, or people talking while the performers are on stage. If you are not interested in watching the show please do not spoil it for the other people who are.
  • If an audience member persistently interrupts a performer or if their heckling is considered disruptive, vicious, racist, or in any other way offensive in our opinion, we will take action to put a stop to it. In most cases this will firstly be a polite request for the offender to stop their heckling, however, those who we consider have committed a hate crime, will be reported to the police.
  • Disruptive audience members will be removed from the venue, without a refund.
  • If one member of a group is asked to leave, the rest of the group will also have to leave. So, if you’ve got that one person who needs keeping an eye on, it’s best to make sure you keep an eye on them!
  • If you arrive after the show has started, you may be asked to wait in the Box Office, until the interval. This is to prevent disruption to the show.
  • Other than service/assistance animals, pets are not permitted within the venue.
  • Ticket holders consent to the audio, video and still image recording of themselves as members of the audience. By entering the Comedy Station Comedy Club, customers agree that the recordings as listed may be used for, but not restricted to national and international public broadcast, cinematic distribution commercial distribution and publication, as The Comedy Station Ltd. If there is a specific interaction with a member or members of the audience, where the audience member/s is/are identifiable, the audience member/s may request that interaction is not made public for whatever reason they wish, by emailing us at info@blackpoolcomedyclub.com
  • The Comedy Station Ltd. conforms to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the U.K. General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Comments and feedback are very important to us and help to improve the services delivered to all our customers. We encourage anyone who uses the services or facilities at The Comedy Station Comedy Club to comment on their experience and we will respond in a professional, consistent, accurate and honest way to all genuine feedback.

Email: info@blackpoolcomedyclub.com

Postal – Comedy Station  Comedy Club, Bank Hey Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4RU

Website Security Policy

Our secure server ensures that your personal details stay personal.

How do you know if a web site is secure?

When asked to enter personal details such as your credit card number a secure web site will show a closed padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window. Every credit card purchase you make on The Comedy Station website is done through our Secure Server Technology. This provides many security features, including:

  • Authentication: this assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct computer server, and that the server is secure.
  • Encryption: this encodes the data, so that it cannot be read by anyone other than the secure server.
  • Data Integrity: this checks the data being transferred to ensure it has not been altered.

Our online ticketing facility accepts:

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Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that Internet transactions stay private and protected.

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