George Rigden

“Rigden is the result of a genetic mash-up between Mitch Benn and Tim Key, perhaps with a few strands of Ricky Gervais’s DNA thrown in…Very Funny Stuff.”

Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Rigden’s musical comedy is deliciously dark…he is very good at working the crowd and of all tonight’s acts he probably made the biggest impression.”

Bruce Dessau, beyond the joke

“George Rigden had the audience in his hands thanks to some great comedic timing, a little help from his guitar and a hint of David Mitchell in Peep Show”

Leicester Mercury

FINALIST – Laughing Horse New Act of the year

FINALIST – Magners New Comedy Act

3RD PLACE – Newbury ‘You Must Be Joking’ new act of the year

FINALIST – Bath New Act of the year

FINALIST – Brighton Squawker new act of the year