Pierre Hollins
Pierre Hollins

See Pierre next on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd June

Pierre Hollins is a stand-up comedian and writer.

Pierre has been a comedy circuit favourite for many years, headlining clubs throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

His first novel THE KARMA FARMERS was published last year.

Pierre has written for radio and television. His cartoon strip GURU featured in the Fortean Times for many years.

He is…  always enjoyable,often inspired… THE SOURCE

He has…  an easy going joyful manner, laced and juxtaposed with pathos and reality that only an experienced comedian and earthling can bring you… TAKING THE PISTE TOUR

He should be…  made the mayor of a small village… SHANGHAI CITY WEEKEND

He is also…  bloody funny… TIME OUT

Finally… Pierre Hollins is a hugely likeable cheeky chappie and unlikely rock god who whipped the crowd into a state of near euphoria. THE LATEST

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